Mladen graduated from Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, 1990.

He is a permanent member of ULUPUDUS – The Union of Applied Artists and Designers of Serbia since 1991 and ULUS – Union of Fine Artists of Serbia.

Mladen took a part in 24 group exhibitions of miniatures, costume design, textiles, scenography, scene shows, jazz caricature, collages etc. in Belgrade and has “Mini Art” exhibition in “Del Bello Gallery”, Toronto.

He did 12 one-man shows and 15 fashion performances in country and abroad (France – Paris).

Mladen was award for his creativity from ULUPUDUS in 1998. He was also award for most successful illustration from “Politkin Zabavnik”.

addresse:   Osogovska 14, 11030  Beograd, Srbija i Crna Gora
 telefon:    +38111544688